January 27, 2023
Two solutions in one trick

Two solutions in one trick

Two solutions in one trick

Everyone wants to beautify themselves. Everyone does nothing for this. But if you have intelligence, you can trust a flower without wasting time on so many things.

This one flower will take care of your skin as well as your hair with gentle hands. We all know the flower. This flower is the banana flower. This flower is more popular when eaten as a curry. To us this flower is better known as banana mocha.

Studies have shown that the nutrients in banana mocha do not allow any parasitic bacteria to grow in the body. Helps to balance the amount of blood needed in the body. Apart from this, besides keeping the body healthy by increasing the immunity, this flower keeps the cells of deadly diseases like cancer away.

This flower works like magic in skin protection. As its anti-oxidants keep skin healthy, increase skin radiance, prevent wrinkles.

If you don’t want to show signs of skin age, you can eat banana mocha regularly.

You can also make a paste of banana mocha and use it as a face pack.

Two solutions in one trick

Along with the skin, the hair also suffers during this summer season. During this time, the problem of rough hair and dandruff occurs more.

Banana mocha can be used in this problem. It will work like an anti dandruff shampoo. If you suffer from the problem of hair fall or can not get rid of the problem of thinning hair, then you can think of banana mocha as the only hope.

Apart from using banana paste for skin and hair care, keep banana mocha in your diet list. Delicious Mochar Chop, Mochar Kalia, Mochar Ghant will not only increase the taste of the mouth, but also keep the health of the skin and hair intact.