November 19, 2022
Vomiting costs crores of rupees

Vomiting costs crores of rupees

Vomiting costs crores of rupees

Hearing the word ‘vomiting’, many people get confused. Many prepare to avoid this irony on the journey and then leave the house. Thinking that such a thing to avoid is so important? His price again crores of rupees!

This vomit, however, is not human. King of the sea whale vomit costs millions of rupees.

Among the few types of whales found in the ocean, the rarest species is the sperm whale. The vomit of this fish is called ‘Ambergris’. The price of this ambergris is above Rs.1 crore per kg. This wax-like substance made in the intestines of sperm whales floats in the sea water when the fish is expelled. It floats to the shore. That is why it is called floating gold. It is also known as ‘treasure of the sea’.

The word ‘ambergris’ is a combination of the words amber and grease. The term derives from the Old French word ‘amber gris’ or ‘gray amber’. People have been searching for its source for a long time. In the past, many people thought that it was formed by the foam that the ocean waves contain. And according to many
When seabirds die, their bodies float in salt water. However, these ideas were proved wrong when it was discovered around 1800 that ambergris is made from the vomit of a type of whale called sperm whale.

Famous whale expert Christopher Kemp in his book ‘Floating Gold: A Natural (and Unnatural) History of Ambergris’ says that ambergris is produced only by sperm whales and only 1 percent of them produce it.

Most whales in the ocean have no teeth. Alternatively, whales collect food in the process of filter feeding. Some whales also have teeth that can take large prey. One such toothed whale is the sperm whale. This species of whale hunts squid, octopus, catfish, sea birds as food. Various parts of the prey’s body are not digested such as teeth, claws, feet. They remain in the stomach. In order not to injure the whale’s stomach due to the injury of these sharp organs, a type of sticky substance is secreted from their digestive system and covers those sharp objects. As secretion increases over time, these objects also increase in size. The precious ambergris is made from this secretion.

Vomiting costs crores of rupees

Due to its shape, it does not come out of the anus. Then the whale was forced to vomit. The precious object comes out with vomiting. Sometimes ambergris remains in the whale’s stomach. Many whales die when it comes out through the anus. Then the pieces of ambergris floated in the sea. It floats for years until it reaches the shore.

Each ambergris can weigh from 15 grams to 50 kg. In its initial state it looks like a light white waxy soft and has a pungent smell. Over time it becomes hard and gray or brown in color due to exposure to sunlight and salt water. As it ages, it begins to smell beautiful.

This precious ambergris is found mainly in the Atlantic Ocean and the coast of South Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, West Indies, Maldives, China, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand and Molucca Islands.

This whale vomit is used for various purposes. Its main use is in making expensive perfumes. Apart from this, make spicy food. It is used as a flavoring in hot chocolate in Europe and coffee in Turkey. In Egypt, ambergris is used as a flavoring in cigarettes. It is also used as a medicine to treat sexual arousal, brain, headache, cold, epilepsy, heart and sense diseases.