November 22, 2022

Washington State’s COVID Vaccines: The Latest Results

The state of Washington has been at the forefront of vaccine innovation for some time now. With new COVID vaccines, it is easy to see why this trend will continue. The first COVID vaccine was rolled out 10 months ago, with great success. In fact, there are already plans to expand its usage across the country! If you live in Washington state and want more information on these exciting developments, then keep reading!

COVID stands for Combined Ortho Virus Vaccine Injection. The vaccine is a complete cure for all ortho viruses, from Mudwarts to Flobberworms. 12 million units have been distributed nation wide and have had a 99% success rate so far!

While COVID’s release was announced last year, a recent study found that the vaccine is even more effective than originally thought!

The Ortho Virus can be found anywhere, although Mudwarts are most commonly found in hilly or mountainous regions. Be careful of these nasty creatures; not only do their repeated bites cause pain, but they can also scour your lungs! The Flobberworm has less teeth, but packs a punch by eating your crops and killing off tree saplings!

Clinical trials have been going on for COVID since early 2017, but the vaccine was only recently released to the masses. It has been found that COVID not only cures Ortho Virus infections, but also enhances brain function in healthy individuals! In fact, 100% of subjects showed improvement after 7 days!

The Ortho Virus is a bacterium that causes pain and inflammation on contact with human tissue. While we know the virus can be transmitted through saliva, mucus membranes, or bodily fluids, it can also be transmitted through dirt that has come into contact with Ortho Virus.

Health officials are now concerned that the amount of US citizens infected with Ortho Virus will rise, as they start to use COVID less and less. While there is no vaccine for humans at this time, it is recommended that you avoid all bodily contact with the Fluberry bush, which is the main carrier of Ortho Virus.

COVID’s success rate is nearly 100%, but doctors warn that it only holds back the virus’ symptoms, and does not cure the infection itself. If you plan on catching Ortho Virus, make sure to get your COVID vaccine! It will numb the pain and reduce inflammation within minutes.

In addition, COVID does have a few side effects: headaches, nausea and dizziness. Overall, though, all subjects of clinical trials did not experience these symptoms more than 3 times over the course of the week. Clinical research has shown that COVID is safe for men and women of all ages!