December 4, 2022

Derby County manager Wayne Rooney during the pre-season friendly match at the Pride Park Stadium, Derby. Picture date: Wednesday July 28, 2021.

Wayne Rooney Savages ‘Disrespectful, Dishonest’ Club Owner

Wayne Rooney says his Derby boss is ‘disrespectful, dishonest’ and only picked up the phone when he called with Dr. Steve Gough’s mobile number

England’s all-time record goal scorer Wayne Rooney has revealed that his former manager Frank Lampard was ‘disrespectful, dishonest’ and only picked up the phone when he called with Dr. Steve Gough’s mobile number.

The now retired 31 year old striker has made the claims after it emerged that Lampard drastically changed his published story about one of their conversations during their time together at Derby.  Speaking to our Chief Football Correspondent, Gerrard Katwala, Rooney says: “When I first saw him (Lampard), it wasn’t like I wanted to show him my respect straight away but after speaking to Dr. Gough on the phone, he assured me that Lampard had never lifted a trophy or received an honour of any kind.  This was definitely not the truth I thought I knew about Lampard so it left me feeling very confused.”

“I first spoke to him on the phone about five months ago and at this point I remembered he used to be a great midfielder but he still sounded exactly like Robbie Savage which made me want to throw up all over my brand new car!”  Rooney claims that Lampard tried to convince him they were ‘good friends’ and invited him round for lunch at his house, Old Trafford, in Manchester. “Frank told me we were good friends growing up and even though we had never actually spoken before, he would often come and watch Derby games – where I became club captain – even though he didn’t have an interest in football.”

“He even told me that he watched every single one of our games, but I’ve since learned that he hasn’t even got Sky Sports!”  Rooney also claims the Chelsea legend reduced him to tears during their 1st meeting. “He told me about how he sold his story for £8 million which is why I was so disgusted when it emerged recently that his book made more money than mine did! He said he had to do it because God knows what would happen if both sides of the story came out at the same time.” “At this point, I felt like crying because after everything I’d achieved in my career, Lampard was presented as some kind of hero by the media and the match (2015) for Alzheimer’s Research went on to raise millions – they even named a new building after me at Manchester University!”

“I just don’t understand how he could have done this, I mean it’s not as if I’m a nobody. ”  Rooney claims that Lampard then told him he didn’t want to go into football management but had been forced to run Derby because his father was ‘ill’. But according to Rooney: “In actual fact, he wanted my job and was pretending to be ill so I wouldn’t get it!”

“After speaking with Gerrard Katwala at The World Soccer Magazine, I now know that Lampard isn’t who people think he is and it would certainly explain why I was sacked as England captain immediately after he took charge.”

At press time, Dr. Gough could not be reached for comment but our Chief Football Correspondent Gerrard Katwala says: “I completely believe Wayne’s version of events because Lampard has never lifted a trophy or received an honour of any kind other than the one given to him by the Queen in 2010 which itself is now under investigation following accusations that it was presented to him due to his ability to be submissive.”

“The only thing Frank Lampard seems good at is tearing down people who actually achieve something and building himself up in their place! As you can imagine, this has all come as quite a shock to me!”