December 4, 2022

When is the space rock passing earth this week? Instructions to watch 1994 PC1 take off past and what Nasa says about it

A monster space rock is because of whizz past us on Tuesday rushing at a speed of 43,754 miles each hour.

Called 1994 PC1 it is in excess of a kilometer long that is around over twice the stature of the Empire State Building.

It’s classed as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid on account of its size and its normal close visits to our planet.

It will pass around 1.93 million km from Earth.

The stony space rock was found on 9 August 1994, by Scottish-Australian stargazer Robert McNaught at the Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran, Australia.

On 17 January 1933, it made its nearest known way to deal with Earth of 1,125,400 km.

It isn’t anticipated to come as near Earth again until 18 January 2105.

The space rock has a place with the Apollo space rock bunch which are the most well-known gathering of space rocks we are aware of.

It will go at 19.56 kilometers each second past Earth on Tuesday

Individuals nervous in the wake of watching the film Don’t Look Up, should sit back and relax.

Nasa’s Asteroid Watch Twitter account posted: Near-Earth space rock 1994 PC1 is very notable and has been read up for quite a long time by our PlanetaryDefense specialists. Have confidence, 1994 PC1 will securely go by our planet 1.2 million miles away next Tues Jan. 18.

Furthermore as per Science Alert, a space rock of this size is simply anticipated to hit Earth once at regular intervals.

Indeed, you can see it at the Virtual Telescope Project. It will stream inhabit 8pm on Tuesday .

You can likewise follow it here

Keep an eye out for the nearest approach which will happen at 9.51pm.

Notwithstanding, remember the space rock will be too faint to even consider seeing with the unaided eye or optics.