March 27, 2023

Windows 11 Slow?

Windows 11 is causing performance issues for some AMD Ryzen processors. These problems have been confirmed by a number of different sources, including Reddit and various Windows forums. The problem seems to be related to the Windows scheduler, which does not seem to know how to handle the new instructions from AMD’s new CPUs. Microsoft has acknowledged that there are performance issues with these CPUs on Windows 10 and they will release an update soon that should fix this issue. In the mean time, it would be best if you used a different operating system until then!

This is not a new problem. In fact, this has been going on for almost a year now. It was first discovered by an owner of an AMD FX 8350 processor and reported here . The article states that the performance issues occur with Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.1 but it’s not yet clear if they also affect Windows 10. The issue was also discussed here on the AMD subreddit. One of the users there confirmed that Ryzen processors are affected by this problem, even though they may not show up in benchmarks. Windows 7 is fully supported for Ryzen but Windows 8.1 isn’t, according to Microsoft . However, various forum posts suggest that you will at least receive some performance improvement if you use Windows 8.1, instead of Windows 10. We hope that Microsoft releases a fix soon so that Ryzen owners can finally be able to take advantage of their hardware fully!

In other news, it’s been reported that Ryzen processors have a problem with the latest version of WhatsApp. These errors cause extreme battery drain on mobile devices and can even lead to sudden system shutdowns due to overheating. The errors seem to occur because of a compatibility issue between WhatsApp and the encryption method used by Ryzen CPUs. It is not clear if this problem also affects other applications that use the same encryption.

The errors are caused because WhatsApp uses a modified version of the NaCl cryptography library for its communication. This library has been modified to speed up communication, which is why it is particularly susceptible to these errors. The developers behind NaCl have recently changed their system to make it less vulnerable to these attacks. It is unclear if this change will help people with Ryzen CPUs, but I’m confident that WhatsApp and NaCl will soon fix the problem!

In other news

AMD has recently released a new driver for their graphic cards which helps increase your mining hashrate by up to 10% . If you have been getting less than half of your normal hashrate, you should definitely install these drivers! This is not a permanent solution though. The developers behind xmr-stak have already started working on another release that fixes the issue for good. However, before they can do this they will need to rewrite their code to support AMD’s new architecture.

AMD has also released an updated version of their CPU microcode, which contains a fix for the FMA3 bug on some Ryzen CPUs. This bug caused random freezes in Windows 10 when using applications that are sensitive to AVX instructions. This problem had no effect whatsoever on any programs running under Linux but it did affect various video editing tools on Windows. AMD has fixed this error by disabling the FMA3 instruction set on all of their Ryzen CPUs. This is obviously a bit of a workaround, but it will resolve this issue for people who are experiencing problems with FMA3-sensitive programs.

If you’re wondering why AMD did not simply release new microcode updates that include actual fixes for these errors, I have good news for you! AMD has finally started working on new microcode updates that should resolve all of the issues with their Ryzen CPUs. These updates will hopefully be released in early April, according to information that I have received from an unnamed source .