January 30, 2023
Women's protest march was beaten and dispersed in Kabul

Women's protest march was beaten and dispersed in Kabul

Women’s protest march was beaten and dispersed in Kabul

The Taliban have dispersed dozens of women’s protests in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, two days before the one-year anniversary of toppling a Western-backed government. At this time, the Taliban fighters fired blank bullets along with beating the women.

According to the British media BBC, about 40 women marched in the capital of Afghanistan to demand their rights. Later, Taliban members dispersed the procession by lathi charge and firing at point blank range. The protesters alleged that the Taliban fighters also took away the mobile phones of the women who participated in the protest.

The Taliban have severely restricted women’s rights since taking power in Afghanistan. Various banners can be seen in the hands of women participating in protests in Kabul on Saturday. At this time, a banner was seen reading, ‘August 15 is a black day’, referring to the Taliban’s assumption of power on August 15 last year. Protesting women were also heard chanting slogans demanding ‘bread, sustenance and freedom’.

A woman protester told the BBC, “This time they didn’t beat us too much.” The way they beat us earlier, this time it was different. They shot into the sky. Although we are afraid, we have come out to fight for the rights of girls.

So that at least the Taliban opens girls’ schools

Women's protest march was beaten and dispersed in Kabul

Since the Taliban returned to power in the country, various orders have been issued restricting the freedom of women. The orders barred women from most government jobs and secondary education and prohibited them from traveling more than 70 kilometers without a male guardian.

Last May, the country’s armed group ordered women to veil for the first time in decades. If a woman refuses to comply, her male guardians can be sent to jail for three days, it said. However, this order is not always implemented in the country.

Since the Taliban came to power, the country has seen some small and scattered protests. However, these protests of dissidents were suppressed by the Taliban.