November 20, 2022
Zelensky ordered the evacuation of civilians

Zelensky ordered the evacuation of civilians

Zelensky ordered the evacuation of civilians from the eastern region

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered the mandatory evacuation of civilians from the eastern Donetsk region. In a late-night televised address on Saturday (July 30), Zelensky said millions of people in the war zones of the Greater Donbass region must leave their areas.

The Greater Donbas Region comprises the Donetsk Region as well as the neighboring Luhansk Region. And it is in this region that intense fighting is going on between Ukrainian and Russian forces. In a report on Sunday (July 31), the news agency Reuters and the BBC reported this information.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a nightly speech that the more people left the Donetsk region, the less time the Russian army would have to kill. Residents who have been displaced will be compensated.

Zelensky also said on Saturday that millions of people are still living in different areas of Donbas despite the intense war between Russia and Ukraine.

“Many are refusing to leave their homes, but they need to leave,” the Ukrainian president said. If you have a chance, please talk to those who still remain in the war zone of Donbass. Please convince them that it is necessary to leave the house now.’

Separately, Ukrainian media quoted the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk as saying that it is necessary to evacuate homeless people from the Donbass region before the winter season begins. Because natural gas supply management in this region has been destroyed.

However, this is not the first time that Ukrainian authorities have called for civilians to leave Kiev-controlled areas. John Herbst, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, told Reuters that civilians were being asked to leave not because of fuel shortages but because of fears of more intense fighting in the ongoing war.

He said, “I don’t know why President Zelensky gave this order. What I do know is that there is fierce fighting going on in Donetsk. The Russians also seized the Luhansk region near Donetsk a few weeks ago. I fear more fierce fighting in Donetsk.’

Zelensky ordered the evacuation of civilians

It should be noted that Russian troops started attacking Ukraine in the early hours of February 24. Russia became the first country in Europe after World War II to attack Ukraine by land, air and sea. In this three-pronged attack, Russian missiles fell like rain in different cities of Ukraine.

Moscow, however, is calling this invasion of Ukraine a ‘special military operation’. In addition, although the entire Ukrainian territory was affected at the beginning of the war, the main focus of the Russian military is now on the eastern Donbas region of the country.

According to the BBC, Russia is mainly trying to occupy the eastern industrial region of Ukraine, Donbass. This territory consists of two regions, Luhansk and Donetsk. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in late February after recognizing two pro-Russian rebel self-proclaimed states there.

Thousands of people have lost their lives in Ukraine in more than five months since the start of the war. Millions of people have lost their homes and become refugees. In addition, the military-civilian infrastructure of Ukraine has also suffered extensive damage due to Russian aggression.