March 23, 2023
Zelensky's unexpected Glastonbury message

Zelensky's unexpected Glastonbury message

Zelensky’s unexpected Glastonbury message calls world to ‘spread truth’ over Russia attack

The Ukrainian president talked by means of a video message played in front of The Libertines’ stage-opening set

at Glastonbury Festival on Friday, considering the occasion the best centralization of opportunity

Zelensky says celebration is ‘the best convergence of opportunity’

Volodymyr Zelensky has conveyed a moving discourse at Glastonbury Festival

approaching the world to spread reality over the intrusion of Ukraine

The Ukrainian president portrayed the music occasion as the best convergence of opportunity” during his video message.

The clasp was played in front of The Libertines’ stage-opening set on the enormous screens at the Other Stage on Friday.

Zelensky told the horde of thousands: “The celebration continues this quite a long time following a two-year break

the pandemic has required to be postponed lives of the large numbers of individuals all over the planet, yet has not broken.

We in Ukraine might likewise want to carry on with the life as we used to and appreciate opportunity and this brilliant summer

however we can’t do that on the grounds that the most over the top awful has occurred – Russia enjoys taken our harmony.

To that end I go to you for help Glastonbury the best centralization of opportunity nowadays and I

request that you share this inclination with everybody whose opportunity is enduring an onslaught.

Zelensky said Ukraine won’t allow Russia’s conflict to break us and that he believes the conflict should

stop before it ruins individuals’ lives in different nations of Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America.

Time is precious and consistently is estimated living souls. The more individuals go along with us in protecting opportunity and truth

the sooner Russia’s conflict against Ukraine will end. Demonstrate that opportunity generally wins!

He completed his message by saying Slava Ukraini, which makes an interpretation of as brilliance to Ukraine in English

which met with clearly and moving cheers and commendation across those accumulated at the stage in Worthy Farm, Somerset.

Zelensky additionally approached individuals to visit his United24 noble cause stage

which gathers gifts to help Ukraine’s reaction to the Russian intrusion.

The Ukrainian president’s message precedes Billie Eilish will leave a mark on the world when she

Zelensky's unexpected Glastonbury message

takes to the Pyramid Stage on Friday night as Glastonbury Festival’s most youthful at any point solo main event.

The US pop star made her Glastonbury debut in 2019 when she performed on the Other

Stage and treated groups to a series of tracks, for example, Bad Guy and You Should See Me In A Crown.

On the day Eilish titles Glastonbury, Sir Paul McCartney will be getting ready for his Saturday title space by performing at a Somerset music scene.

Aside from Eilish, the line-up for the Pyramid Stage on Friday incorporates Sam Fender, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Crowded House

Rufus Wainwright and Wolf Alice – whose appearance remains in a precarious situation due to travel issues.

Different demonstrations performing on Friday remember the Sugababes for the Avalon Stage

and Foals and St Vincent on the Other Stage, which likewise includes Friday exhibitions from Kae Tempest and The Libertines.

Eurovision victors Kalush Orchestra will likewise stamp their most memorable presentation in the UK

since their success, with an exhibition on Shangri-La’s Truth Stage on Friday’s bill.